The benefits of Google My Business for Singapore businesses

46% of Google searches are for local intent. People are using Google to search for local information such as restaurants, opening times, phone numbers and address. On top of that, people can write reviews on the business and provide beneficial decision making opportunities for the business.

Google also provides useful information for the business such as their busiest hours as well.

Google My Business is free, every business owners should take advantage of this if they want their local community to search for them easily.

Google My Business appears on top of ranking websites. If you rank within Google My Business for your local search, you will benefit even more.

benefits of Google My Business SingaporeIt allows users to ask questions and for the owner to quickly answer, best of all, the answers will be visible to everyone who searches.

Google My Business Example Singapore

You can easily upload images of your business and it get featured to searches if you rank on Google My Business. You are recommended to upload between 5-10 images.

Here are few content ideas for the images you can upload to your Google My Business listing:

  • Inside your store or manufacturer
  • Your employees or teammates
  • Your local surroundings
  • Happy customers or customer testimonials

Google My Business improves your SEO. Take advantage of this placement and add as much information as possible.

Google My Business is the future of digital marketing. Having a listing on Google My Business in Singapore is as important as having a Facebook page or Instagram page for your business. The difference is that you can do more things and benefit more out of Google My Business page in Singapore if it is done right and properly. It just needs your time and effort for long term benefit.

If you need a digital ally to assist you in setting up Google My Business, let us know, we will help you.

Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs