5 Common Web Design Mistakes in Singapore

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Many small business owners have websites for the sake of having a website. By not having a compelling website, your business will lose out on the opportunity to reach out on customers who are out there searching for products and services like yours. At this moment while you are reading this, there are people who are searching on Google for your services.

On top of building the website to be SEO friendly so that people can search for you, your website should also be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and power-packed with information that your customers are looking for. You only have 7 seconds to impress on a new visitor to your website, they will either decide to stay on to consume more of your content or they will just leave. We have all visited physical shops where we walked out within 7 seconds – so don’t take the development of your website lightly, even on a budget. Your brand will eventually fade into obscurity.

As an agency owner for more than 10 years, I have seen and we have done our fair share of mistakes that web design companies or business owners make. So let us share our experience so that you don’t have to go through this expensive mistakes. Treat your website like your home or baby.

1.Putting the website as the last priority

Last Priority Web Site

Too many business owners put their website as a very low priority. One business owner spent millions of dollars into the R&D, packaging, launch event but never had a website until 2 years later into the business. Reason: they did not want to spend more than $2,000 for their web design. They wondered why they were never growing to their potential and lost out on opportunities of having big partnerships because of a lack of authoritative presence on the web. Finally, they decided to build their website by themselves to save money which turned out to be a mess.

Finally, they approached us to develop their website and they have an e-commerce website with SEO set up properly. They are now an authority on the web for their industry, with many leads coming in from the website.

2. Not being SEO optimised


If a website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) done properly, it’s a long term gift to the business owner. Being ranked on the first page of Google for the business’ keywords, their potential customers would be able to find them with ease. All this without having to spend additional budget on advertising, whilst being effective. They can spend the savings on the business expansion instead.

Another story for you, more than 10 years ago when we were just starting out as an agency, we got on board a big client for their website redesign project. They were a large consumer telco brand and being a fun and creative brand, they asked us to develop a website that was out of the box. A creative fun design was created for them in flash as they wanted a lot of animation on the website.

At launch, there were many praises on the web with regards to creativity. However, we overlooked the SEO of the website which was important as they get tens of thousands of searches every day. Overnight, their customers and potential customers were not able to search for them.

Within 2 days, the client decided to switch back to their own website and we lost the project entirely. A big expensive mistake. Ever since then, SEO became an integral planning of all of the website projects.

3. Not Mobile Optimised

Mobile Optimised Website

According to Adweek, mobile accounts for 70 per cent of digital media minutes. If your website is not mobile optimised, your customers will leave your website in less than 7 seconds. You lose out on the opportunity of impressing them with your content and products / services on your website.

4.  Not having a fast loading website

Fast Website

Having a fast loading website helps with your ranking on Google. More importantly, with the “instant-noodle” generation these days, for every second that your website takes to load, your customers will get frustrated and decide to browse somewhere else, most likely your competitors.

5. Not having proper security measures on your website

security of website

Hackers are abound these days and they are constantly looking to prey on vulnerable websites like yours. Don’t get hacked and lose your customers because they can’t find you. Have proper SSL certifications and proper security measures today. Treat your website like your home or baby.

To avoid all these mistakes, do a periodical audit for your website. It’s like a health checkup for your own body or a financial checkup on your beloved business. If you don’t perform one, you would not know what problems you are facing.

Support your new website with audits and analysis and start climbing the Google rankings and boost your traffic.

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